Dark River : The Bloody Reign Of The Ohio River Pirates


Dark River tells a fascinating, and not well known, story of an age of the Western frontier (1770-1850). Social pressures spurred on by rapid western expansion and years of warfare became the breeding ground for violence. This atmosphere brought about the creation of a unique type of person. Those who would use the Ohio River Valley to prey on their fellow man.

In the valley region trust was low, life was hard and death was easy. Micajah and Wiley Harpe earned a grim reputation, often being called America’s first serial killers. From legendary outlaw hide-out Cave-in-Rock, Samuel Mason led a band of ruthless river pirates for whom murder was standard practice.

The Sturdivant Gang did their best (and worst) to ruin the local economy with counterfeit currency before they were driven out of the area. Later one of their number would narrwly escape with his life after challenging Alamo legend…

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