The Baker Street Bank Robbery of 1971.

Baker_Street_HiestMorning All. I’m about to blow my own trumpet (mercifully briefly, I promise) by plugging the latest episode of BBC Radio 4’s ‘Punt P.I’ series, in which I was an expert contributor. Most people who’ve seen the film ‘The Bank Job’ will have got the Hollywood version of 1971’s Baker Street bank robbery and I did a piece on it last year for Crime Magazine which you can find here:

As a result of that I was asked to contribute to BBC Radio 4’s ‘Punt P.I’ series presented by Steve Punt and which was broadcast this morning. For anyone who’s interested it can be heard and/or downloaded here as a podcast:

It’s not usually my style to blow my own trumpet, but as it’s not every day I’m called on by the mighty Beeb I’m feeling far too annoyingly smug not to mention it. And, if you’re looking for an general expert on true crime then drop me a line and I’ll be happy to oblige.

Ta Ta for now.



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