Wild West – The ‘Gunslinger’ Myth

The Wild West, home of many colourful (often disreputable) characters. Native Americans, gold prospectors, gamblers, cattle ranchers, miners and immigrants scrambled to extend the new frontier. They spread further West in search of their fortunes. With law-abiding, hard-working citizens came criminals. The most notorious were gunslingers, hired guns who’d rob a bank one month, protect … Continue reading Wild West – The ‘Gunslinger’ Myth

Happy Birthday, ‘Doc’ Holliday, Born Today In 1851.

Wyat Earp on 'Doc' Holliday: "The nerviest, speediest, deadliest man with a six-gun that I ever knew." 'Doc' (when asked whether his conscience troubled him): "I coughed that up with my lungs, years ago..." John Henry 'Doc' Holliday, born in Griffin Georgia today in 1851, died in Glenwood, Colorado on November 8, 1887 is one of the legends of … Continue reading Happy Birthday, ‘Doc’ Holliday, Born Today In 1851.