Doctor George Henry Lamson, the ‘Sleight of Hand Poisoner’; Not as clever as he thought.

All in all, a sorry fate for a man who'[d once shown such promise.

Watching the detectives: The arrest of the inappropriately named Daniel Good.

With Good safely in his grave, the Metropolitan Police had to reconsider having only uniformed officers in their ranks. Had some officers been working out of uniform, they reasoned, they might have caught him far sooner. With that in mind a permanent cadre of non-uniformed officers. the Detective Department, was set up in August, 1842. It later became the Criminal Investigation Department.

Bill Richmond – Boxer, Trainer, Socialite (and Hangman?).

A few days ago we looked at the tragic tale of Henry Flakes, the boxer who might have been something special had circumstance and crime not derailed his plans. Today, we're going to look at Bill Richmond AKA 'The Black Terror.' This is another tale where crime and sport (apparently) mix but go (fortunately for … Continue reading Bill Richmond – Boxer, Trainer, Socialite (and Hangman?).