Recent Articles

Expert contributor to BBC Radio 4, ‘Punt P.I’ on the 1971 Baker Street bank robbery:

Real Crime Magazine:

Real Crime Magazine, Issue 2, ‘The Circus of Horrors.’

Real Crime Magazine, Issue 3, ‘Inside The Death House.’

Real Crime Magazine, Issue 3, ‘The Vory v Zakone.’

Real Crime Magazine, Issue 4, ‘Mongrel Mob.’

Real Crime Magazine, Issue 6, ‘The Art of Execution.’

Real Crime Bookazine ‘Serial Killers’, January 2016, ‘Peter Sutcliffe.’

Real Crime Magazine, Issue 10, April 2016, ‘Death Trap Hotel.’

Real Crime Bookazine ‘Unsolved Crimes’, April 2016, JonBenet Ransay and Jill Dando pieces.

Real Crime Magazine, Issue 13, June 2016, ‘Bloody Little House on the Prairie.’

Real Crime Magazine, Issue 14, July 2016, ‘He Sold The Eiffel Tower.’

True Crime bookazine, Second Edition, ‘Inside the Death House.’

Real Crime Magazine, Issue 16, September 2016, ‘Butcher of Paris.’

Real Crime Magazine, Issue 17, October 2016, ‘Ballots, Bombs and Bullets.’

Real Crime bookazine, Organised Crime, October 2016, ‘The Vory V Zakone.’

Real Crime Magazine, Issue 23, ‘Cowardly Killer Busted by Dustbuster.’


Crime Magazine:

Sword and Scale:


Contributor to

Executed Today:

New Internationalist:

Crime Traveller:


History Is Now:

History Is Now magazine, Summer 2014, ‘The Travelling Executioner.’

Various pieces:

History of War Magazine, Issue 33, ‘Himmler’s Nazi Camelot.’

Cornwall Today Magazine, October 2014, ‘Guy Gibson – Son of Cornwall.’

The Big Issue, Issue 1132, ‘My Nightmare Before Christmas.’

Article on the Jedburgh teams for World at War magazine, Issue 41.

‘Syd Puddefoot’, Family Tree Magazine, June 2015.

Club Arnage Le Mans 24 Hours Guide 2015:

Lotus Remarque magazine, Nov-Dec 2013, ‘The First Lotus F1 Victory.’

Freelance Market News, February 2014, ‘True Crime Writing.’

Forces War Records Magazine, ‘The Battle of the River Plate’, August 2016:

The Battle of Stenay:

Regular contributor to Evolve Politics:

World at War Magazine, Issue 52, February-March 2017, ‘The Battle of the River Plate.’


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