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Hi there. I’m a freelance writer based in West Cornwall. I’ve covered numerous subjects, but I’m best known for True Crime, Military History, Motorsport History and Disability issues. If you like my work, drop me a line. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. I usually work more for fees, but  don’t mind the occasional freebie if it catches my eye.

I’ve been an expert consultant on true crime for a BBC Radio 4 series (Punt P.I) and I’ve contributed to various publications including Real Crime Magazine, All About History, The Big Issue, New Internationalist, Crime Magazine, History Is Now, Strategy & Tactics and World at War among others. I can do print, online and radio work when available.

I’m prompt, reliable, professional, flexible and affordable and always happy to consider jobs outside of my usual areas. It helps keep the job interesting and stops me getting stale. So, if you like my CV and want a pen for hire, drop me a line and we can talk business.

I can be contacted here or via my Twitter account @ScribeCrime if you want to comment, talk business or just say hello.

All the best.

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    1. i like your writing on doc john henry holliday ,doc is not well liked from what I have looked at on the internet he was 1 of three fast guns [1] wild bill, [2] doc, [3] hardin, in all cases you have to tell the lies from what happened


    1. Sing Sing’s first chair was removed and placed in the Warden’s office opposite his desk. He liked to put people off balance if they’d come to talk business. The second chair was shipped to Green Haven, another of New York’s maximum-security prisons, in 1969 and set up for use if needed. Last I heard it was retired and had gone to the Newseum in Alexandria, Virginia as an exhibit.

      New York abolished the death penalty in 1969, the last execution was that of Eddie Lee Mays on August 15, 1963. It was briefly reinstated under Governor George Pataki in 1995, but New York’s courts ruled it unconstitutional. Currently, New York is a non-death penalty state.


  1. I actually have a question about an article written by you that I just became aware of. It was titled “The History of the Last Meal – A final compassionate act or an undeserved reward?” In it you tell the story of a death row prisoner from 1925 named Patrick Murphy. It describes an event between him and the warden of the prison. I wondered where you found this information. I have checked your Reference section and cannot find mention of it in any of the things you cited. Patrick was a relation and I have been interested in his case for years. I wondered if you would share what your source was for that part of your story? I have read the book “Twenty Thousand Years in Sing Sing by Lawes and he tells of a similar incident but never mentions the prisoner by name. I would be very grateful for any help you can give me. Thanks!


    1. i am hoping that you saw my message. if there is a better way to contact you please let me know. I anxiously await your reply


  2. Thank you so much for your reply. I will have to contact the NY Times author for his source. I am a bit confused by the story and wonder if it is really true. My Patrick Murphy was electrocuted for robbery and the killing of a woman during the course of that robbery. He did not know the woman beforehand, as was stated in the second article. That second article was one that I had read already in Lawes’ book. That was why I first doubted that it was referring to my Patrick.
    I appreciate your help.


  3. Hello Mr. Walsh, does your book cover any crimes that were committed in San Mateo County, CA? The reason I ask is because I work for the San Mateo County Historical Association, a non-profit museum in Redwood City, CA. We do a monthly speaker series, and in doing research on local books, your name came up. If your book does cover anything in San Mateo County, and if you would like to consider giving a (virtual) presentation, please email me at [email protected]. Thank you for your time.


  4. Like most, I’ve been way too busy with my own affairs to embrace either convention when it comes to these titillating tales, but to Truman’s credit, myartherdom does serve society. God bless the Journalists!


  5. Hello. Could I ask you to email me, Sir? I am working on a script and would like to ask you some questions regarding death row in the 1930s. I would truly appreciate it.
    Kind regards,
    Matt Lambert


  6. Hi, The story about Virgil Richardson’s execution has an inaccuracy regarding the date he killed my father, Patrolman William Long. The murder occurred on September 2, 1956.


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