Armistice Day: Triumphant For Some, Tragedy For Others.

Crime Scribe

Wilfred Owen, best-known of the ‘war poets.’

At 11am on November 11, 1918 the ‘War to end all wars’ was finally over. The guns ceased fire, the men in the trenches could, if they wanted, walk around in No-Man’s-and without fear of death or injury and the British people could finally celebrate the end of what was at the time the most destructive conflict in human history. In England the church bells, silent since August 4, 1914, began to ring all over the country. Anybody who didn’t absolutely have to be doing anything else was out celebrating. The nightmare was finally over.

But not everybody had reason to celebrate. Those who had lost relatives and friends were still in mourning, many houses were still decorated in black as a mark of respect to family members killed in action. Some, including the family of celebrated war poet Wilfred Owen, would answer…

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